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[padg] Last call for WebERA partners!!!

LAST CALL for Research Partners in Image Permanence Institute?s IMLS-Funded WebERA Project ? January 15, 2008 Deadline


The Image Permanence Institute (IPI) is calling for applications from U.S. museums and libraries to participate as research partners to test the design and function of WebERA, a novel web-based system for environmental risk analysis and collection storage quality ranking that will enable collections care staff to efficiently manage large volumes of environmental data using preservation metrics and automated analysis. The WebERA concept has evolved through thirteen years of environmental research and development at IPI.


Interested institutions need to apply by January 15, 2008 using the online application at http://www.imagepermanenceinstitute.org/shtml_sub/weberainfo.asp. Ten U.S. museums and five U.S. libraries will be selected for the project based on representation from a variety of institutional types, sizes, and geographical settings. We are also looking for a broad representation of job titles as well. Research partners can expect to commit up to 25 work days to the project between January 2008 and May 2009, including two (paid) trips to Rochester for two-day meetings.


Our partners will be given IPI?s new PEM2Ò standalone dataloggers for their monitoring needs (an average of 20 per institution). They will interact with IPI as a series of key features and functions are programmed and added to WebERA for use and evaluation. A web-log will be the avenue for feedback and tech support. Near the end of the project IPI will prepare an Environmental Risk Assessment Final Report for each partner, including analysis, collection risk assessment, input about mechanical system functions, and suggestions for improvement to preservation quality.


For general inquiries about the project go to www.imagepermanence.com or contact Patricia Ford at IPI by email at pafpph@xxxxxxx or phone (585) 475-2843.


Funding for ?Research and Development for Web-Based Environmental Risk Analysis (WebERA)? is provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, an independent, grant-making agency of the federal government. Only institutions within the United States will be considered for participation in this federally-funded project.

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