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[padg] New Preservation Resource

Hello PADGers-


Someone suggested that I might put this link out to PADG to let people know about this resource. “Saving Nebraska’s Treasures” is an IMLS-funded resource that runs the preservation gamut from metals to leather to paper.  There are handouts, instructional videos, and links to other helpful websites.  


I feel this is self-promotion somewhat, as I did do some of the video segments and handouts, but I think it would be a useful resource for those who do a lot of instruction and teaching in preservation.  




Feedback and comments welcome!


I hope this will be a helpful resource.




Tara D. Kennedy
Preservation Field Services Librarian
Preservation Department
Yale University
Sterling Memorial Library
130 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 432-4335 (Voice)
(203) 432-9900 (FAX)
"let me help you help your library!"


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