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[padg] Digital Library Hardware Showcase Program & LITA Digital Library Technology Interest Group

Digital Library  Hardware Showcase

Saturday, July 11, 8:00 am - 10:00 am, McCormick Place  West-180

Sponsored by: LITA Digital Library Technology Interest  Group


A key step in any digitization project is the selection of equipment. It's a step that is repeated many times, and, if you're not careful, could be your last step! This program will provide a overview of the process for selecting equipment for digitizing images, objects, audio, and video, with discussion of when to purchase equipment for in-house use and when to out-source digitization to a vendor. The program will include a very brief business meeting.


Program: Digital Library Hardware  Showcase


Moderator: Michael R. Bolam, Metadata Librarian for Digital  Production Digital Research Library, University Library System, University of  Pittsburgh


I. "Better, cheaper, faster" or "down and dirty"? Evaluating  consumer-grade digitization equipment

    Danielle Cunniff Plumer, Texas State Library and Archives  Commission


A cost-benefit approach to selecting digitization equipment is a vital part of the digital library professional's toolkit. This presentation will review the process of evaluating scanners and other hardware commonly used in digitization projects and will look specifically at  widely-available consumer and "prosumer" grade equipment. A decision-tree approach for deciding when to outsource instead of purchasing new equipment will also be discussed.



II. Building a scanning center from the ground-up

    Emily Gore Head, Digital Initiatives & IT, Clemson University Libraries

    Mandy Mastrovita, Digital  Production Librarian, Clemson University Libraries


Staff from the Clemson University Libraries will review the process they used to set up a  scanning center and share some of their "lessons learned." Starting with an overview of questions at the point of project planning/selection, the speakers will address "hows, whats, and whys" of equipment selection for their scan center.


Business Meeting:  Digital Library Technology Interest Group business meeting: Tyra Grant, Chair: elect new chair(s) and discuss 2010 program possibilities.


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