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[padg] Dymo Labelmakers

The University of Vermont has used Dymo Labelwriters for a few years.  However,
the produced labels have developed a number of problems:  They are very light
sensitive and adherence to the books is less than could be desired.  So, I have
two questions.

1.  If other libraries are using the Dymo labemakers, have you found label
stock that is acceptable?

2. What are other libraries using to create spine labels?  Many years ago we
used the SELIN label process.  However we stopped, because the process was
complicated and expensive.  At the price and ease of use, the Dymo has allowed
for many to have machines on their desks. We also used 'home-grown' solutions
involving programmers and  systems folks. Again, this proved to be unwieldy. 
As  systems are upgraded the programming  would  predictably fail. 

Thanks for your help!

Albert Joy
Acquisitions/Preservation Librarian
University of Vermont

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