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Re: Source for Gore-tex

Hi Deborah,

I was just about to post the same question. It occured
to me that if Gortex is not available, we could
substitute some other vapor permeable fabric and layer
it with a needle punch polyester batting.  Wouldn't
this achieve the same result?  It would be better if
we were not so dependent on specific products.


--- Deborah Bede <stillwaterstudio@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been trying to buy some of the Gore-tex/
> polyester felt laminate for
> use in humidification treatments.  When I couldn't
> find any from the usual
> suppliers, I talked to a couple of people at Gore. 
> The information I
> received is that the previous distributor (Talas)
> has declined to continue
> the relationship with Gore because of a price
> increase.  Gore, in turn, has
> decided to discontinue the manufacture of this
> product, apparently at least
> partly because they didn't know of any other
> possible distributors.  I did
> offer to give them some names, but didn't get a
> response.
> Does anyone know of any supplier who might still
> have a stock of this
> material?  Or of another material that could be used
> the same way?  I asked
> about other Gore products, but they didn't have any
> suggestions.
> thanks,
> Deborah Bede
> Stillwater Textile Conservation Studio, LLC
> 196 Old Warner Road
> Bradford, NH 03221
> (603) 938-2310 phone
> (603) 938-2455 fax
> stillwaterstudio@xxxxxxxxxxx
> .
> fax
> stillwaterstudio@xxxxxxxxxxx
> .

Nancy Love
823 N. Newkirk Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 769-6057

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