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multidisciplinary research on historical costume

I am a professor in the UK currently visiting the
DC area of the US for a week. With a background
in Mathematics and Computer Science, I have been
developing with some students a new approach to
"dress" 3D body images with historical costume
using a dynamic model. We have done a case study
with a 19th century costume from Brittany in
France in collaboration with the local museum. 

Would it be possible to get in contact with
anyone in your organisation (NATCC) during this
week to discuss future collaboration? I can be
contacted via email or by phone at 602 369 7744.
I have a demo CD that can be shown either using
my own portable or a standard PC with a good
graphics card and windows 2000. Thanks. 

Prof. Lilian Barros
International Centre for Innovation and Industrial Logistics
POB 212
Southampton SO14 0HG
United Kingdom
tel.: +44 23 80 512654 Mobile +44 (0) 7949611 732
fax.: +44 23 80 594986

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