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CALL FOR PAPERS: Tales in the Textile NATCC, October 2003

Tales in the Textile: The Conservation of Flags and Other Symbolic Textiles
North American Textile Conservation Conference 2003

Albany, NY, USA

October 23 - 25, 2003


Textiles have served many functions, from practical to decorative to
symbolic.  Symbolic textiles can present unusual preservation challenges in
their treatment, handling, or display.  The fourth biennial North American
Textile Conservation Conference will focus on textiles as symbols - whether
it be as patriotic, cultural, or religious emblems, or as signs of wealth or

Conservators, curators, conservation scientists, and others working with
these textiles are invited to submit proposals for presentations on topics
that may include: conservation treatments (past, present and/or under
development), analysis, and/or conservation, curatorial, and management
issues raised by the preservation of such textiles. One day of this
symposium will focus on the conservation of flags.

As always for NATCC symposia, papers recognizing the collaboration needed
for textile preservation are particularly welcomed.  Papers are also
solicited for a session on new developments in the field of textile
conservation.  These papers need not be relevant to the main conference

Abstracts up to 250 words in length must be submitted by November 1, 2002.
Proposals for posters should also be submitted by this date.

Speakers will be notified by December 15, 2002 if their submissions are
accepted.  Papers, which will be published by NATCC as pre-prints and made
available for general sale after the conference, will be due by July 1,

All submissions should consist of the speaker's name, address, e-mail
address, telephone and fax numbers, a short one-paragraph biography, the
title of the submission and a 250 word abstract.  If possible, submit
abstracts via e-mail (with abstracts attached in RTF format). Paper
submissions will be given equal consideration.

Submit abstracts to:  Susan Schmalz :  sschmalz@xxxxxxxxx  or at:
Conservation Center,
 Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 5905 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
90036  USA.

For all other questions or information about the 2003 North American
Textile Conservation Conference, "Tales in the Textile: The Conservation of
Flags and Other Symbolic Textiles," contact Deborah Trupin:
Deborah.Trupin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  or at 1- 518 - 237 - 8643, ext. 3241.

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