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Who Are Conservators in Private Practice

Membership in Conservators In Private Practice (CIPP) is restricted to members of the American Institute for Conservation, the only national organization of professional art and historic artifact conservators. AIC Fellows, Professional Associates, and Associates in any technical field may become members of CIPP. Members of CIPP are bound by the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the AIC.

Members of CIPP communicate regularly on the cippnews email listserv. There is an annual meeting of members during the AIC Annual Meeting each summer presenting programs related to managing a conservation business. The 2008 meeting in Denver featured a workshop about digital photographic documentation and a roundtable in which members described different business models.

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The CIPP is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The Board consists of four officers including the Chair, the Vice-Chair who succeeds to the Chairmanship, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Chair Emeritus serves an advisory role. Three Directors are elected for rotating terms of three years. The three members of the Nominating Committee are also elected for rotating terms of three years. The Board meets regularly via teleconference and in person at the AIC Annual Meeting.

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The Chair is responsible for general administration and supervision of all activities. The Chair prepares the agenda for and conducts all meetings. The Chair shall be, or shall appoint from the Board, a CIPP liaison to the AIC Board of Directors, and the AIC Executive Director.

The Vice-Chair succeeds to the Chairmanship upon completion of the Chair's one-year term. The Vice-Chair acts in the absence of the Chair. The Vice-Chair is responsible for coordinating all publications and outreach.

The Secretary is responsible for preparing, maintaining, distributing, and preserving CIPP records, keeping Board minutes, and coordinating mailings to members. The Secretary is responsible for the distribution of the Rules of Order and Minutes of the annual general business meeting to all members. The Secretary is also responsible for other duties as determined by the Board.

The Treasurer is responsible in cooperation with AIC for financial records and accounting for CIPP funds. The Treasurer publishes for the CIPP membership an annual financial report and proposed budget for the coming year.

Three Directors each have different duties in organizing CIPP's Annual Meeting, which takes place during the AIC Annual Meeting. The first year Director assists with the Annual Meeting program, the second year Director is in charge of the program, and the third year Director is in charge of the publication from the previous year’s program. Directors are also responsible for other programs as determined by the Board.